Campground Buyers’ Workshops

Knowledge Is Power

The entire venue is a hub of knowledge that you can tap into, where you can get guidance from successful industry professionals, campground owners, and vendors all under one roof.

  • Attending this workshop will take away some of the anxiety you might feel about investing your life savings into a business.
  • It will give you an advantage when you have conversations with professionals like bankers, CPA’s, and attorneys from whom you might seek advice during the buying process.
  • The more knowledge you gain before you start the process, the more confident you’ll be in the marketplace.
  • You will have networking opportunities with campground owners where you can ask about their mistakes and triumphs, and grab some invaluable ideas and insights.
  • Get ahead of the purchase and meet vendors in the industry so you know who you want to do business with when your big day arrives.

Generally speaking, attending this industry-specific buyer workshop will help educate you on the ins and outs of purchasing a campground and give you the tools needed for a successful purchase.

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Buyers’ Workshop in conjunction with CARVC Conference and EXPO

All-inclusive two-day package includes three workshop sessions, Sunday reception, Monday and Tuesday continental breakfast, Monday box lunch, ice cream sundae bar, and Monday dinner. Read more & register … ]